Winter Weather Concerns

An Ounce of Prevention for Your Roof in Winter


Winter rains when snow and ice dams are still present will likely cause significant problems to your existing roofing systems. All sloped roofing systems are built on the concept that they are able to shed water. Sloped roofing systems are not waterproof but they’re water shedding. When we have rain that is dammed by snow and ice, the rain WILL find a way into the roofing system and eventually into the house.


Stop Gap Measures

When these conditions already exist, the damage is likely. There is little proactive action that can be done at this point other than clearing snow and ice from your roof and gutter systems. The immediate goal is to provide a path for water to escape the roof and move away from your home.

We offer a quick, efficient solution to defend your property. Our ice dam steamer system works in sub-zero temperatures, is non-damaging to historic roof materials, and is chemical-free. Act today to prevent damage to your roof, insulation, walls, and other structural materials.

Once the rain has started, we highly recommend checking all rooms/ceilings around the house to ensure no water is present. Take the time to check the rooms you rarely enter. If you do suspect water is entering your home, give us a call. Damage of this type may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance and should be considered when a problem is present.

Permanent Solutions

We can install ice melt systems that will melt the snow and ice and provide a path for the water to travel off your roof and into your gutters and downspouts protecting your roofing systems from expensive damage.

Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs that drain through one location should also be closely watched. Clearing the drain of snow/ice will help provide a path for the water to flow. Without release, the water will accumulate to levels that will likely cause leaks.


Working on your roof is inherently dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals with proper training, equipment, and safety procedures.


Do not climb on any roof that is covered with snow and ice!

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