A Natural, Sustainable, Lifetime Product

Slate Roofs have protected the castles and cathedrals of Europe for centuries without fail. Roofing slate is carefully quarried from the ground and is still produced much the same way it was 500 years ago. Having worked on thousands of slate roofs across the United States, Renaissance Roofing has rediscovered the proper installation methods employed my craftsmen centuries ago, recreating these techniques for your natural slate roof.

To facilitate timely and visually, pleasing slate roof repairs we carry a large inventory of Vermont Slate, Buckingham Slate and Pennsylvania Slate. Homeowners requiring a new slate roofing system should know that the most important day in the life of your slate roof is the day it is installed. Trust only the most skilled and knowledgeable slate roofing installers in the nation.

Project Profiles - Natural slate roofing systems

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