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To Repair Or Replace Your Cedar Shake Roof


What are the key factors in determining whether you should repair or replace your Cedar Shake Roof?

Missing Shakes, Broken Shakes or Rotten Shakes: If you only have a few shakes that are missing or broken you can likely have those pieces repaired and the roof will function properly. Exception: Your roof is shedding numerous shakes on a regular basis and the replacement of these is shakes is becoming tedious and predictable.








My wood shake roof is leaking. An isolated leak or two is not a problem that should be resolved with complete roof replacement. Fixing a leak or two on a roofing system like this is possible and can be done effectively by a roofing professional. If your roof is experiencing multiple leaks in various locations under different weather conditions, it may be time to replace your cedar shake roof. Add to these problems the fact that you lose shakes in high winds and are picking up the cedar in your yard, you should start budgeting for a new roof.

My cedar roof looks bad.  Natural wood cedar shakes will support organic growth. It is likely that lichen and moss will grow on the north sides of your roof where it is out of direct sun light. Also heavily shaded roof areas will promote this type of growth because of the moisture that is present. It is this moisture that is likely to deteriorate your wood shake roof faster and cause it to rot due to being constantly wet. The moss and lichen are only an indicator of a more potentially serious problem. Cedar shingle and cedar shake roofs last longer if they are able to dry out. Remaining wet and in a shaded area for long periods of time cause problems for your wood roof.

My shake roof is old. Cedar Roofs will last 50 years or more. A properly installed cedar shake or cedar shingle roofing system will last 50 years or more with proper care and maintenance. I believe that the most important day of your roof’s life, is the day it is installed. So make sure when you install a new cedar roofing system, you are using the correct materials, installed by a professional roofing contractor.

Do you need your cedar roof repaired or replaced? Call us to discuss your situation, we may be able to help. Look for information on “Steam Bent Cedar Roofing Systems”, sometimes called “story book cedar roofs” in the near future.

Bob Raleigh, III,  Renaissance Roofing, Inc.

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