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Since 1992 we have restored historic roofing systems nationwide, including projects of all sizes that feature slate, copper, wood, metal and tile roofing; copper gutters and downspouts; architectural sheet metal; and other unique and custom elements.

Your historic roof has a story to tell. A journey involving centuries-old craftsmanship, quality materials and patience rewarded with a striking result that stands apart from the rest. Renaissance has the expertise to ensure that the story of your roof will live on through this project, and that the inherent qualities of your roof will last for centuries to come.

As with any highly specialized craft, restoring your roofing system will take time. We will follow our exclusive, customized Monarch Elite Process. This seven-step transformation begins with scheduling your assessment and ends with the emergence of your beautifully restored roof.

Monarch Elite Process Timeline

Monarch Elite Process Timeline


Meet and schedule the Magellan Roof Assessment
2 to 3 weeks before physical assessment


Physical assessment to determine needs
1 to 2 weeks


Create scope of work plan
1 to 2 weeks
Insurance claim process, depending on complexity of claim
Additional 4 to 12 weeks


Meet to review and schedule work
1 week


Materials ordered / obtained, personnel scheduled
2 to 8 weeks


Work on your project
2 to 10 weeks


Work completed, site cleaned, and warranties issued
1 to 2 weeks
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