Magellan Building Assessment

This proprietary assessment includes different aspects of your building or home, including a comprehensive inspection of both the interior and exterior of your property.

Interior Assessment

  • Attic
  • Accessible framing and structure
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Location of leaks

Exterior Assessment

  • Roofing (flashings, tile/slate, flat roofing, underlayment, roof deck)
  • Masonry (chimney, walls parapets)
  • Carpentry (dormers, soffits, fascia)
  • Gutters & Downspouts (collector boxes, eave troughs)

Our historic building specialist will need access to your attic and roof to complete the investigative-type inspection and will take digital pictures and share these with you as part of the written assessment and recommendation.

Other clients have found that by having this assessment done, they are able to head off problems they didn’t know existed that have possibly saved them thousands of dollars in interior and exterior damage.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Historical Record of Current Condition

When your home or property is damaged by a storm or fire, do you have the documents to prove to your insurance carrier the condition of the building prior to the storm? With the photos we take and the written report we fill out, you’ll have valuable information on the condition of the property. One of our biggest clients used their MBA and its photos to prove their roof was undamaged prior to the hailstorm and helped them receive more than $10,000,000 for their historical roofing systems to be entirely replaced. The money invested in the MBA was well worth it!

Discovering Problems Before More Damage Occurs

All exterior building systems require maintenance. Small, but vitally important parts of your exterior are critical to protect your property. 

Caulks used to seal the joints between dissimilar materials is a major problem for historical buildings. Caulk ages and loses it adhesion and flexibility. It does not last forever. Having your MBA will provide insight into the conditions of this vital part.

Squirrels and racoons are not welcome on your roof. They are only looking for a food source and or a warm place to stay. These animals can destroy roofing, siding and wood soffits and cause major damage. 

Mortar between bricks and stones is soft to protect against damaging the harder bricks and stone, therefore it deteriorates at a quicker rate, failing, causing leaks. 

When was the last time you inspected your chimney?

Discover minor issues like these with the MBA before you have a major problem (they usually cost more than $199.00). 

Peace of Mind

Why worry when you can get your MBA like hundreds of other historic building owners have done. More than 99% of our clients LOVE the information provided to them in their MBA. Getting this valuable information helps start build a map to the next steps required to continue to protect the safety, security and comfort of your family. 

Investing this money provides you a more comprehensive understanding of all the positive working aspects of your exterior systems as well as the negative, concerning issues you will soon be faced with. If you prefer to burry your head in the sand, the MBA is not for you!

Not worth our Time and Money?

If you don’t believe the value received from your Magellan Building Assessment is worth what you paid, we will refund your payment in full!

Click here for a sample MBA report

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