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Ludowici 13-1/4” Spanish Tile Roof Replacement on High Rise Apartments in St. Louis, Missouri

Located in very close proximity to St. Louis University, St. Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis University School of Nursing, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and St. Louis University School of Law, the Lindell Towers (Coronado Place and Towers) is an appealing source for students throughout the area. 

Due to the appeal of a low bid, the roof had been previously restored by an out of town “storm chaser” and was ultimately determined the restoration was not completed properly and caused leaking and damage to the building. 

Renaissance Roofing, Inc. was contacted to remove and replace the existing Ludowici 13-1/4” Spanish tile roof and trim accessories from both roofing structures on the downtown high-rise building; Lindell Towers East and West. 

As shown above, Renaissance Roofing, Inc. installing red Ludowici Spanish tile and trim accessories on the Lindell Towers roof in downtown St. Louis, MO.

Our scope of work included the removal of the existing lighting protection, snow fencing and historic Ludowici clay Spanish roof tiles and save for reuse. Removal and replacement of the existing underlayments, flashings and fasteners and prep the deck surface (while replacing any rotten or failing portions or the deck). 

Our work included the installation of all new 16 ounce and 20 ounce copper flashings including the gutter apron, drip edge, counter flashings, valley metal and copper pockets throughout both roofing structures. 

As shown above, Renaissance Roofing, Inc. highly trained roof tile installers laying out the new replacement Ludowici Spanish tiles on new, pressure treated wooden battens and counter battens on Lindell Towers in St. Louis, MO.

Throughout the restoration of the historic Lindell Towers, our personnel adhered to the strictest safety protocols and practices possible. These practices are evident in the photos shown throughout this blog with the use of PPE, proper scaffolding and other measures to ensure the health and safety of our personnel. Renaissance Roofing, Inc. has invested significant amounts of time and money to ensure the highest level of safety for our personnel.

As shown above, a new clay red Ludowici 13-1/4” Spanish tile with correlating #102 Hip Rolls installed on the Lindell Towers in St. Louis, MO.

Finally, our scope of work concludes with the re-installation of any good and intact/ usable existing Ludowici Spanish tiles and trim accessories, supplemented all poor and broken tiles with brand new clay red Ludowici 13-1/4” Spanish tile, #102/ #206 trim group and also a new 80 mil gray I.B. Roofing System PVC Flat Roof membrane. Upon completion of the tile work, the lightening protection and snow fence systems were reattached to complete the project. 

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