Monarch Elite Process for Exceptional Results

Thank you for considering Renaissance Roofing, Inc., the most qualified professionals in the country. Since 1992 we have restored historic roofing systems nationwide, including projects of all sizes that feature slate, copper, wood, metal and tile roofing; copper gutters and downspouts; architectural sheet metal; and other unique and custom elements.

Your historic roof has a story to tell. A journey involving centuries-old craftsmanship, quality materials and patience rewarded with a striking result that stands apart from the rest. Renaissance has the expertise to ensure that the story of your roof will live on through this project, and that the inherent qualities of your roof will last for centuries to come.

As with any highly specialized craft, restoring your roofing system will take time. We will follow our exclusive, customized Monarch Elite Process. This seven-step transformation begins with scheduling your assessment and ends with the emergence of your beautifully restored roof.

Phase I: Scheduling your assessment

Meet & Schedule the Magellan Roof Assessment 2 to 3 weeks before the physical assessment

Renaissance Roofing believes in the importance of having a Customer Care Representative (CCR) assigned to your project from the onset. The CCR will be your liaison throughout the Monarch Elite Process: answering questions, updating you on progress, and providing continuous feedback and results.

Your CCR will begin by asking you about the history of your structure and roofing system, and what plans you may have for the future. Based on this information, a Historic Roofing Specialist will be assigned to your project and date will be set to perform our on-site Magellan Roofing Assessment. 


After consulting with your schedule and defining the project’s urgency, we will prioritize our on-site visits to occur within two to three weeks of the assignment of your Historic Roofing Specialist.

Phase II: Performing the Assessment

Physical assessment
to determine needs.
1 to 2 weeks

Your Historic Roofing Specialist has years of proficiency. Our collective team brings more than a century of experience in determining current roof conditions and anticipating future needs of historic homes and structures.

Assisting your Roofing Specialist is our Magellan Roofing Assessment. This proprietary assessment is an exploratory tool used to gather data and chart the best course of action customized to your project. You can expect for our thorough assessment to last two to four hours. More time may be required depending on the size and complexity of your roofi ng system.

Upon completion of your on-site assessment, Renaissance Roofing will provide you with a clear vision and recommendation on how we can work together to solve your roofing issues.

Phase III: Developing the Plan

Development Create scope of work plan 1 to 2 weeks
Insurance claim process, depending on complexity of claim
Add’l 4 to 12 weeks

Renaissance Roofing will use the information provided in the Magellan Roofing Assessment to diagnose and formulate a solution. We like to call this “Solutioneering.”

Once the solution has been discussed amongst our team, we will source materials that match your existing roof. We stock the nation’s largest inventory of historic clay tiles, slate, copper and more! Renaissance customers enjoy the added advantages of time and cost savings.

Finally, we will consider budget. We take into account the removal of damaged materials, cost of replacement materials, time and manpower. In two weeks or less, you will be presented with a comprehensive plan.

Create scope of work plan 1 to 2 weeks Insurance claim process, depending on the complexity of claim an additional 4 to 12 weeks

If your project involves property insurance, please consider that it can take an additional four to twelve weeks to settle the claim with your provider. For more information, we are pleased to provide you with a copy of Renaissance Roofing’s Nine Common Problems Encountered In Insurance Claims For Historic Roofing Systems.

Phase IV: Making the Promise

Meet to review and schedule work
1 week

Renaissance Roofing makes it a priority to provide customers with a clear outline of the scope of work and to mitigate as many unknown variables as possible.

Together with you and your Historic Roofing Specialist, we will meet to review the proposal, discuss all the components, explain our recommendations and finalize the details. We will work with you to develop a project timeline from start to finish, as well as include a practical payment schedule.

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and exceptional results we are proud to stand behind.

Phase V: Pre-flight Begins

Preparation Materials ordered/obtained, personnel scheduled 2 to 8 weeks

The next two to eight weeks involve specific preparation and planning activities as your project is officially launched. Your team of four to six Renaissance Roofing experts will ensure that we complete your project on time and on budget.

During this phase, custom sheet metal is hand-fabricated and unique or long lead-time materials are also ordered, if needed. This behind-the-scenes operation is very important — in fact, essential — to a successful restoration project.

By the end of Phase V, we will have the necessary materials and manpower in place. The Renaissance team is now ready to dedicate themselves to the successful restoration of your roofing system.

Phase VI: Progress Takes Wing

Work on your project
2 to 10 weeks

Rooftop restoration actually begins at ground level. We take great care to protect your surrounding plants, landscapes and hardscapes from potential damage.

During Phase VI, equipment and materials are delivered to the worksite, and a dedicated Renaissance Roofing Foreman arrives onsite to direct your project.

Communication between you and your foreman is of the utmost importance to us. We want to make sure that there will be minimal disruptions and maximum communication during the next two to 10 weeks of work. We know from experience that excitement builds as you watch the transformation of your roofing system, and your foreman will be there to communicate the progress being made.

Phase VII: Your New Roof Emerges

Completion Work completed, site cleaned, and warranties issued 1 to 2 weeks

The equipment is removed and the worksite cleaned – but all you will notice is your meticulously restored historic roof.

During the final days of our partnership, we will review the work together. We want to ensure that all items have been addressed, that any change orders have been finalized, and that arrangements have been made for final payment. You will also receive a written warranty in accordance with our agreement.

To keep your new roof looking and performing its best, our Customer Care Club is the perfect solution. We offer annual or semi-annual maintenance options.

Finally, we would like to capture your satisfaction with a photograph. Renaissance Roofing takes pride in our work and the relationships we form with our customers. Again, our goal is complete customer satisfaction and exceptional results we are proud to stand behind.

If you wish to share what we have achieved together, we truly appreciate our customers’ gracious referrals and online reviews.

Should a future need arise, we look forward to your return business.

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