Five Unique Factors of Partnering with Renaissance Roofing

Custom Architectural Sheet Metal Fabricators

With 20 years of design and fabrication of custom architectural sheet-metal, we have advantages over our competitors.

Our investment of nearly $500,000 in sheet metal equipment allows us to quickly and accurately reproduce historically accurate sheet metal components. Our sheet metal technicians have a roofing background and understand the importance in which the sheet metal will be installed and how to properly fabricate it to perform at the highest possible levels.

Historical Roofing Material Network

Our experience with historical roofing products; clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles and natural slate, is extensive.

We have visited slate quarries in Vermont and Virginia and tile plants in United States and in Turkey. We understand how clay roof tiles are manufactured and the history of manufacturing in the United States. We have a vast network of contractors and suppliers all over the United States that we can call on to supply us with roof tiles and slates. We have long-standing relationships with quarries in Vermont and Virginia and have imported slates for many years from Europe so we can draw upon these relationships to provide the highest quality and most timely delivery of these materials.

We also have an extensive in-house inventory of products that are utilized in restoration and repairs helping us acquire these products at a low-cost. We have a full-time staff dedicated to sourcing these hard to find historically accurate roofing materials.

Client Success Advantage

Customer success agents answering the phone are your liaison, your go-to-person, your conduit to all things Renaissance!

We are a service company as well as a complete restoration company. Meaning that if you have problems with your roof during or after the service that we perform, we have a team of dedicated technicians that can come out and rectify those problems. We regularly do repairs and have a team of people in place to service our clients long-term. We offer annual maintenance programs to ensure proper function of your gutters including cleaning out debris, performing inspections, caulking between metals and masonry, all with our in-house full-service historical restoration experts.

We have a diverse team of in-house roofing and sheet-metal installers. Our installers have been with us for many years and some foremen have decades of experience in the industry. We are dedicated and work on historical roofing systems every single day. It is our main line of work, and in fact it’s the only type of work we do. It’s rare for us to be working on new construction since most of the work we do is historical in nature.

Our people are well versed in historical applications and the proper methodologies to ensure a water-tight lifetime system.

The roofing system requires high-quality underlayment. We use the highest quality ice and water shield at the eaves, underneath valleys and other places on the building that are susceptible to ice damning and excessive water infiltration. If this membrane is substandard or not of the highest quality, the underlayment fails prematurely. Substandard or low-cost material synthetic underlayment could fail in as little as five to fifteen years down the road. We utilize materials that have been proven to last for decades and have been an accepted industry standard for a long period of time.

Nationally Recognized Leader Performing Local Restorations


    • National Roofing Contractors Association
    • National Slate Association
    • Tile Roof Institute
    • Slate Roofing Contractors Association of North America


    • 2020 NRCA Roofing Alliance Gold Circle Award Nominee
    • 2019 NRCA Roofing Alliance Gold Circle Award Winner
    • 2014 Copper Development Association, Inc. & Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association, Copper Alliance North American Copper in Architecture Winner

News Articles

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Industry Leading Safety Program with 0.78 EMR

We have an Experience Modification Rating of 0.78, meaning that we are well below the industry average of 1.0.

Safety on our projects is of upmost importance. Renaissance Roofing has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in safety equipment and scaffolding and we have a full-time safety director. Our safety director is responsible for ensuring that all safety precautions are employed on our projects keeping our people safe, our costs down, ensuring the outcome is at the highest level of quality. Once we establish a scope of work and agree on a project, the job undergoes a job hazard analysis which will define potential problems and safety issues and then implement safety measures to mitigate those issues. During the project our safety director will do periodic inspections to ensure the work is being performed in a safe, efficient, quality manner.

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