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Finding the Right Clay Tile Roofing Contractor in Chicago Over the Internet

A little over 10 years ago, if you needed to hire a clay tile roofing contractor in Chicago, you would open Yellow Pages, and there, in plain view, you would see plenty of quality contractors servicing your area. Today the Yellow Pages print edition is almost obsolete. Over the past decade it has lost almost 90% of its print advertisers. Other forms of printed advertising, such as local newspapers became the dinosaurs of today’s market place, and are becoming extinct. Today most homeowners looking for a roofing contractor turn to the Internet.

Potential Pitfalls of Searching for a Roofing Contractor on the Internet

Home service companies that come up at the top of search results, often pay for their placement. This means that top rankings in Google are not necessarily a reflection of their quality as roofing contractors. Companies that show up at the top of the page in a colored box marked as ads, are the ones that paid for their placement in the search.

It is certainly easy for the new and unproven clay tile roofing contractor in Chicago to write fake customer reviews for themselves on their websites, as well as on Google, Yelp, and other online destinations. This means you should take all the reviews with a grain of salt and investigate further. Many online scammers, after their scams have been discovered, can simply close down the shop, and open up a new business under a different name in the same town, and buy their way back to the top of the internet rankings.

Changing a website URL for advertising campaign on Google is certainly not difficult. — Compare that to Yellow Pages print edition, where advertising costs upwards of $5,000 for a full page ad, with new Yellow Pages edition coming out only once a year. It’s easy to see that pulling off company reputation scams used to be a lot more difficult.

How to Spot Fake Reviews?

With the advent of online search, many reputable roofing contractors were slow to establish their own websites and many scammers bought up similar sounding domain names and used similar looking logos to pretend to be a competing well – established company. This practice is still well-alive today.

Furthermore, as if finding, vetting and hiring a quality company was not difficult enough already, the amount of 5 star reviews on Angie’s List and Home Advisor is quite overwhelming, with every company looking almost exactly the same! In other words, these platforms make it nearly impossible to tell which company would be the best fit for you the homeowner. Many contractors paying for leads from HomeAdvisor often complain because they’re are frequently categorized for services they don’t even offer. This creates bad experience for both homeowners and contractors.

Lastly, Yelp, which is a great review site for restaurants, has a very limited number of roofers on their platform at present. Oftentimes the reviews for listed roofers on their platform are fake or written  by the clay tile roofing contractor in Chicago friends.

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