Phase III: Developing the Plan

Renaissance Roofing will use the information provided in the Magellan Roofing Assessment to diagnose and formulate a solution. We like to call this “Solutioneering.”

Once the solution has been discussed amongst our team, we will source materials that match your existing roof. We stock the nation’s largest inventory of historic clay tiles, slate, copper and more! Renaissance customers enjoy the added advantages of time and cost savings.

Finally, we will consider budget. We take into account the removal of damaged materials, cost of replacement materials, time and manpower. In two weeks or less, you will be presented with a comprehensive plan.

If your project involves property insurance, please consider that it can take an additional four to twelve weeks to settle the claim with your provider. For more information, we are pleased to provide you with a copy of Renaissance Roofing’s Nine Common Problems Encountered In Insurance Claims For Historic Roofing Systems.

Create scope of work plan
1 to 2 weeks
Insurance claim process,
depending on complexity of claim
Add’l 4 to 12 weeks

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