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Located in very close proximity to St. Louis University, St. Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis University School of Nursing, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and St. Louis University School of Law, the Lindell Towers (Coronado Place and Towers) is an appealing source for students throughout the area. 

Due to the appeal of a low bid, the roof had been previously restored by an out of town “storm chaser” and was ultimately determined the restoration was not completed properly and caused leaking and damage to the building. 

Renaissance Roofing, Inc. was contacted to remove and replace the existing Ludowici 13-1/4” Spanish tile roof and trim accessories from both roofing structures on the downtown high-rise building; Lindell Towers East and West. 

Mound City Roofing Tile Co.

Mound City Roofing Tile Co. Catalogue DMound City Roofing Tile Company 

That terrra cotta roofing tile is now acknowledged to be the best product for protection of buildings from storm and rain has been proven by its increased and continued acceptance, and as evidenced by reviewing many of the modern structures such as residences, schools, libraries, universities, churches, railway depots, freight buildings, factories, stables, etc., where we find that the above material has been generously used with satisfactory results.

Looking forward to the expectant demand for this product in the future, The Mound City Roofing Co. was organized for the manufacture of terra cotta roofing tile with all the accessory trimmings of the most modern shapes, highest grade and superior quality in various colors and glazes. The [...]

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