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Located in very close proximity to St. Louis University, St. Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis University School of Nursing, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and St. Louis University School of Law, the Lindell Towers (Coronado Place and Towers) is an appealing source for students throughout the area. 

Due to the appeal of a low bid, the roof had been previously restored by an out of town “storm chaser” and was ultimately determined the restoration was not completed properly and caused leaking and damage to the building. 

Renaissance Roofing, Inc. was contacted to remove and replace the existing Ludowici 13-1/4” Spanish tile roof and trim accessories from both roofing structures on the downtown high-rise building; Lindell Towers East and West. 

Renaissance Roofing, Inc. was contracted to restore back to its original luster, a full copper roof system including gutters and downspouts in Kenosha, WI after a severe thunderstorm packing extreme winds tore the original roofing system partially off the residence.

This storm system was strong enough to uproot entire trees from the ground and cause significant damage to Kenosha and the immediate surrounding area. Many tile, slate and architectural sheet metal roofing systems were affected due to this storm.



Our contract included all facets of this copper roofing system. Due to the heavy damage, we would completely remove the entire roof and gutter system down to the wooden deck and start anew. We would replace all wood decking damaged by the storm, replace all the underlayments with new felt and Ice and [...]

Hail damage is not typically visible to the eye from the ground. It has been our experience that hail damage requires an inspection on the roof. Having a qualified contractor get on your tile or slate roof will help reveal the hail damage.

Just because you don’t see broken roof slates does not mean you don’t have damage.



Many times, slate roofs will have “hidden” damage. This damage can include hairline cracks and fractures, breaks, chipped and broken edges of the slate. Because you cannot see this damage, it is always recommended that a highly qualitied tile and slate roofing contractor, such as Renaissance Roofing, Inc. carefully and accurately inspects your hail damaged natural slate roof.

In the photo shown, these original early 1900’s era Pennsylvania Slates have been “dented” by a hailstorm in [...]

Question: Does hail damage clay roof tiles?

Yes, hail does damage clay and concrete tile roofs. There is the apparent damage caused by hail when you have broken roof tiles. There is also damage that cannot be seen from the ground. This damage is small cracks and fractures in the tile that will cause the tile to break over time. Tile roofing systems also have copper flashings. Because copper is a soft metal, it is easily damaged by hail. Copper gutters on your tile roof will also be damaged by hail. If you have clay tile roof and live in the Evanston, IL Skokie, IL Wilmette, IL or Kenilworth, IL having your clay tile or concrete tile roof inspected would be sensible. Click here to schedule an inspection of your hail damaged clay or concrete tile roof



Question: Are slate roofs damaged by hail?

Yes, natural rock slate roofing systems are damaged by [...]

The historic restoration of the Anderson Arts Center in Kenosha Wisconsin, 40 miles south of Milwaukee, WI was performed in 2019 to protect the Estate against the brutal Lake Michigan and Kenosha, Wisconsin weather.

Designed by Ralph Milman and Archibald Mortphet and built for James Anderson, an executive of the American Brass Company and his wife, Janet Lance Anderson, granddaughter of the Simmons Mattress Company founder, the French Renaissance Revival style house has over 9,000 square feet of living space with more than 30 rooms. The clay roof tiles are complimented by the stone and stucco exterior walls and dormers trimmed in wood with a copper roofing system.  Construction began in 1929 and was completed in 1931.


The restoration processes involved the meticulous removal of the 30,000 pieces of Ludowici-Celadon Brittany Style Shingle tiles. Each [...]

Plumbing stacks, sometimes referred to as soil stacks, are pipes that protrude through the roof and vent gases from the drainpipes (sinks and toilets) in your house perform a vital function. Bathroom fans that help evacuate the offensive odors in your water closet also require metal flashings at the roof. These fans also pull hot humid air produced when you shower. These small vents cause leaks that damage to your ceilings and attic insulation.

The photo above shows a failing plumbing stack on a slate roofing system. This component needs to be replaced along with the cracked slate and any deteriorated underlayments.

Plumbing vents do not last forever and should be replaced. By scheduling the Renaissance Roofing, [...]

Built in 1931, The New Pitts Mortuary, located in Milwaukee, WI is clad with the original Ludowici-Celadon matte green Provincial Flat Slab Shingle tile roof along with copper flashings, copper hip, copper ridge, flat roof, gutters and downspouts.

Initially contracted in 2014, Renaissance Roofing, Inc. removed and replaced the existing modified bitumen flat roof membrane with a new 50 mil evergreen colored PVC membrane over the entire upper flat roof area. With this scope of work, Renaissance Roofing, Inc. also installed new 16oz. copper ridge metal on 2 perimeters of the flat roof and general maintenance work which included the replacement of broken and/ or failing matt green Ludowici-Celadon Provincial Flat Slab Shingle tiles.


Over the past 5 years and forward, Renaissance Roofing, Inc. has completed several phases, or scopes of work at the New [...]

Founded by Robert Lewis Sr. in 1914, the R.S. Lewis Funeral Home has been in continuous operation in downtown, Memphis, TN. On July 27th, 2014, the R.S. Lewis Funeral Home celebrated its 100th Anniversary. It is believed to be the oldest operating funeral home in Memphis and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The home has held services for many prominent African Americans, most notably Martin Luther King Jr. who was assassinated on April 5th, 1968. To date, thousands still gather at this historic funeral home to mourn his passing.

In early 2018, Renaissance Roofing, Inc. performed a Magellan Building Assessment and it was determined that the funeral home required a complete clay tile roof restoration. This included the need to replace the historic clay roof tiles with new ceramic roof tiles. Our [...]

This private residence, built in 1912, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The owner, Dr. T.S Park, is a world-renowned neurosurgeon who specializes in a unique, pediatric surgical procedure called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) and has performed the surgery on over 3,700 children and 130 adults.  Dr. Park is known as “The Guardian of Childhood” by many around the world.

After a severe hailstorm, which caused major damage to the residence and carriage house multi-colored Vermont Slate roof and copper dormers, the owner contacted Renaissance Roofing, Inc. to assess the condition and propose a common-sense scope of work that satisfied the clients needs.


Renaissance Roofing, Inc. provided 20 squares matching reclaimed 18” x 9” x ¼” Vermont Multi-colored Slate (the blend being a Vermont non-fading green, Vermont semi-weathering green and a Vermont [...]

by Nick Atkinson, Safety Director

Not to brag, ok maybe a little, but we have the coolest projects. The unmatched craftsmanship, skill, talent, and artistry that we put into every job can be seen across the United States. One such project is the Mississippi County Courthouse located in Blytheville, Arkansas, where Renaissance Roofing will be replacing the Ludowici clay tile roof, custom copper gutters and copper downspouts.

When it comes to historic restorations, great detail goes into authenticity and preservation of the building and its components. It would be easy to leave safety in the dust, especially when so much attention is being paid to giving the customer a perfect product. I have not found that to be the case in Blytheville.

Historic buildings have so [...]

Williams Bay Residence | Renaissance Roofing, Inc.

Williams Bay Copper Replacement Copper Custom Radius Standing Seam Panels Custom Copper Cladding

For aesthetic reasons, this Lake Geneva area homeowner contracted Renaissance Roofing to replace all old, poorly fabricated copper with new pre patinated copper on their slate roof home.  Renaissance had done previous restoration work on the Williams Bay home and boathouse and the owner knew they could count on Renaissance’s expertise with copper.

Copper Dormers – Remove slate and existing copper cladding, fabricate and install new pre patinated copper cladding and reinstall the original slate.

Gutters, Downspouts and Collector Boxes – Remove existing copper gutters, copper downspouts and copper collector boxes, fabricate and install new pre patinated copper gutters, copper gooseneck design downspouts and custom copper [...]

Renaissance Roofing, in continuation of pursuing excellence, has recently welcomed a new Director of Safety to the team.

Nick Atkinson comes to us from the mechanical trades serving as a Safety Director for several large commercial contractors for 5 years. Nick is Board Certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals and graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Industrial Engineering focusing on environmental health and safety. Nick was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, and enjoys all things outdoors, riding motorcycles, and golf.

Nick’s vision for Renaissance Roofing lends itself to the Special Forces mantra: “By, With, and Through”. Creating leaders and investing in Foremen to carry Renaissance Roofing into our goals of Safety Excellence. We utilize our leaders to foster a culture of safety, provide a learning environment for our crews, and to accept nothing less [...]

After more than two years, the restoration of the Cascade County Courthouse in Great Falls, Montana is complete.

Restoration of the 115-year old, three-story English Renaissance Revival structure included replacement of the copper dome, architectural copper, flat seam and batten seam copper roofs, curved window sash reproduction and replacement and repoint and repair of the sandstone chimney interior and exterior masonry.

The work by Renaissance Roofing was completed entirely with our own forces and the courthouse remained open during the entire restoration.


At Renaissance Roofing we value safety above all else, and our record backs it up. Safety Director Collin Maas ensures every project is set up and completed in a safe manner, and last year we achieved a workers’ compensation insurance Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of .70. The industry average is 1.0, which means our proven history of safe work allows for cheaper insurance rates — savings that we are able to pass along to customers (for more info on the value of a low EMR, click here).

As part of our culture of safety, we participate in the annual OSHA National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. On Monday, May 6th, Collin held training sessions with our roofing crews to refocus on the important safety protocols in place that ensure every Renaissance Roofing team member returns home safely after a day of work.

Just a few weeks ago in the upper Midwest, we received over 12 inches of heavy snow in just one storm. It seems an appropriate time to share the important role of snow and ice guards in roofing systems where snowfall is an annual challenge.

Roofing materials such as slate, metal/copper, tile or synthetic materials will not absorb moisture as snow piles up, which leads to the danger of falling ice and snow. Sunlight, gravity and a warm attic will force the heavy snow off your roof in one dangerous event. Decks, sidewalks, landscaping, and other important property and areas of human traffic need protection from these dangers.

One important note: Snow and ice guards should not be installed on asphalt shingle low-slope roofs due to the risk of causing snow dams.

Snow and ice guards work by introducing barriers that impede the avalanche effect, preventing large amounts of snow from falling off the roof. [...]

A large and complex roof restoration project is underway in Joplin, Missouri, where two Victorian-era houses will be repurposed to create the Joplin Historical Neighborhoods living history museum. Thanks to the generosity of the David and Debra Humphreys family, the Schifferdecker and Zelleken houses will have new roofing systems that will utilize the same Buckingham Slate that topped the original structures.

Quarried in Virginia, Buckingham Slate is a durable and aesthetically beautiful material that can last up to 150 years. “What makes these tiles unique to other slates — and they are considered to be the Rolls-Royce of slate in America — is there is mica that is in the content of the slate that gives it a glisten or a sparkle that sets it apart from a Vermont slate or a Pennsylvania slate,” said Tony Raleigh, Historic Roofing Specialist at Renaissance Roofing.


What are the key factors in determining whether you should repair or replace your Cedar Shake Roof?

Missing Shakes, Broken Shakes or Rotten Shakes: If you only have a few shakes that are missing or broken you can likely have those pieces repaired and the roof will function properly. Exception: Your roof is shedding numerous shakes on a regular basis and the replacement of these is shakes is becoming tedious and predictable.








My wood shake roof is leaking. An isolated leak or two is not a problem that should [...]

Restoration of the copper dome and roof at the 115-year old courthouse is Cascade County, Montana is nearing completion, and residents are enjoying the beautiful new skyline as sunny weather returns.

As reported in the Great Falls Tribune, the project is expected to wrap up this April despite weather challenges over the last six weeks. The crew from Renaissance Roofing has been working on site for nearly two years, and is pleased to finally see the results of their craftsmanship. Project Manager Lon Gorsch said, “The guys are very proud of their work. They’re happy with how it’s turning out. The weather has been really rough… it was very difficult to work up there.”

The courthouse was built in 1903, and a 1913 article in the same Great Falls Tribune noted that “The Cascade County Courthouse has been the pride of the [...]

Attention Homeowners!

Winter rains when snow and ice dams are still present will likely cause significant problems to existing roofing systems. All sloped roofing systems are built on the concept that they are able to shed water. Sloped roofing systems are not waterproof, they are water shedding. So when we have rain that is dammed by snow and ice, it will find a way into the roofing system and into the house.

Stop Gap Measures
Unfortunately, when these conditions already exist, damage is likely. There is little proactive action that can be done at this point other than clearing snow and ice from roof and gutter systems. The immediate goal is to provide a path for water to escape the roof and move away from your home. We offer a quick, efficient solution [...]

Are you suffering from winter roof leaks?

If you have a leak in the winter months and it is not being caused by an ice dam, there is another likely culprit:  attic condensation.

You may pay to melt an ice dam, only to see the damaging leak continue. What you’ll discover is an inside job: Water vapor from inside your home, which has found its way into your attic. As this warm vapor cools, the moisture condenses into damaging droplets all over the wooden surfaces. Picture a cold glass of water in the summer, with a film of water on the outside draining onto your table. That’s the interior of your attic. Eventually, enough condensation can cause visible leaks, rot, mold, and a host of other serious problems.

What causes attic condensation? Warm, moist air rises up from the living space below, and gets trapped in your attic space. Since it is much colder outside, [...]

Since the fall of 2016, Renaissance Roofing has been hard at work restoring the historic roof at the Cascade County Courthouse in Great Falls, Montana. Much of the project involves the remanufacture and installation of the ornate copper metalwork on the 115-year old, three-story English Renaissance Revival structure.

Last week, a news crew from local station KFBB captured the final steps in installation of new copper balusters. You can view their story here.

Cascade County Commissioner Jane Weber was interviewed, and expressed confidence in the progress of the project, saying, “we expect this roof to easily last 85 to 100 years. We have a lot of critical things inside this building… beautiful architecture we’re going to be protecting for another 100 years.”

Completion of the project is expected in early 2018, and will include restoration [...]

Last May, we began work at the historic Brown County Courthouse in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The scope of the project included restoration of the original copper dome, as well as repairs to the concrete sub-dome underneath.

We are proud to announce that the project is now complete, and was finished on schedule and on budget. The local news station WBAY recently aired a detailed story on the project that can be viewed here.

“There’s a lot of historic decorative painting and plaster work in the building we wouldn’t want damaged because of a roof leak,” said Brown County Facilities Engineer Doug Marsh. “It’s about maintaining the building, protecting its integrity and extending its life, so the new copper dome should last another 100 years.”

The Brown County Courthouse was built in 1908 and has been a fixture of [...]

Here at Renaissance Roofing, we utilize a wide variety of roofing materials, and always go the extra mile to educate our clients about their options when restoring their roof.  We evaluate the architectural style and surroundings of the home or building, as well as the expected maintenance demands.  One very compelling choice for those who appreciate the elegant look of natural wood is Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC).

Available in both shingles and shakes (shakes are thicker, more irregular, and have a rustic look),  AYC is still a relatively unknown material for most property owners.  Even calling it cedar is misleading, as these old-growth trees are actually members of the Cypress family.  Grown in the Pacific Northwest, the short growing seasons produce thinner growth rings, and this translates to a heavier, stronger and more durable alternative to [...]


When choosing a roofing contractor, not every customer evaluates their safety record and training program. They should.

The lack of safety protocols and worker training on a roofing project can result in severe injury and/or other losses due to fire, building damage or loss of use. This leads to litigation that can go on for years, and expenses that could have been avoided if a culture of safety was instilled in every worker.

At Renaissance Roofing, we understand the inherent dangers of our business and are very proud of our safety record. We remind our customers that past performance is the best indicator of future results, and stand behind our 25-year history of safe roof restorations. We are committed to our training program, our use of personal protection equipment (PPE), fire prevention equipment, and fall protection gear.

EMR Graph

Are You Looking to Build A Career in Contracting?

Renaissance Roofing is not your typical roofer. We are a nationally recognized expert in Historical Roofing Systems looking for individuals wanting to expand their skill set and learn a highly rewarding trade. We will train you if you have a can-do attitude!

We have several positions available in St. Louis, MO:

  • Service Technician (diagnose, bid, sell and perform the repair work!)
  • Foreman for Tile/Slate/Copper roofing (run the job & lead the crew!)
  • Historic Roofing Specialist – Tile/Slate/Copper (a sales position in which you diagnose, bid and sell restoration work)

We offer competitive compensation, health insurance, paid time off, 401K, and opportunities for career advancement with a growing company.

To learn more about Renaissance Roofing, visit

For more information, or to apply, please email

Renaissance Roofing, Inc. will not discriminate in hiring, promotion, compensation or discipline on the basis of one’s race, sex, national origin, religion, ethnicity, [...]

House in Atlanta, Georgia with red spanish style metal tilesThis photo shows the beautiful new Red Spanish Style Metal Roof Tiles on the Coca Cola Home in Atlanta, Georgia.

The weeks project profile is a Coca-Cola Home in Atlanta, Georgia. As you can see in the photo above, it is an absolutely stunning home showing off Red Spanish Style Metal Roof Tiles. This project profile has been brought to us by Lon Gorsch, he is a project manager for Renaissance Roofing and has been with our company for 9 years.

  • Name of the Resident or Company: Handcrafted Homes, Inc.
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Old rusted and worn spanish style metal tile roof on Coca Cola Home in Atlanta, Georgia

Detroit Roofing Tile Company“If it is’nt Tile it is’nt a Roof” – Detroit Roofing Tile Company

Detroit Roofing Tile Company

The Detroit Roofing Tile Co.




Is located on Springwells, a suburb of Detroit, where the company owns large deposits of clay peculiarly adapted to the manufacture of roofing tile. A spur of the Michigan Central R.R. is laid into the yards thus assuring prompt and ample shipping facilities.


The manufacture of roofing tile originated in Europe, where tile roofs are now universally used for all classes of buildings. Since its introduction into this country its use has become very general and as there is no other material available that will stand the test of time, these tiles must inevitably become the roofing material of the [...]

Mound City Roofing Tile Co.

Mound City Roofing Tile Co. Catalogue DMound City Roofing Tile Company 

That terrra cotta roofing tile is now acknowledged to be the best product for protection of buildings from storm and rain has been proven by its increased and continued acceptance, and as evidenced by reviewing many of the modern structures such as residences, schools, libraries, universities, churches, railway depots, freight buildings, factories, stables, etc., where we find that the above material has been generously used with satisfactory results.

Looking forward to the expectant demand for this product in the future, The Mound City Roofing Co. was organized for the manufacture of terra cotta roofing tile with all the accessory trimmings of the most modern shapes, highest grade and superior quality in various colors and glazes. The [...]

Here is our next installment in our campaign to spread our knowledge of historical roofing systems and materials throughout the century.

Heinz Roofing Tiles


Heinz Old English Plymouth Tile

Old England’s hallowed roofs, softened in line, warmed in tone, gently mellowed with age are faithfully reproduced in Heinz Old English “Plymouth” Tile.

The delicate color tones are soft and restful—the texture has been produced by skilled craftsmen. And in both coloring and texture Heinz “Plymouth” Tiles closely typify the aged roofs of Old English. On a home of English architecture their mellowed beauty is immediately apparent and will add lasting charm and character to any design. Once you’ve seen this roof gracing Old English architecture you will surely say it is the creation of an artist—that it is indeed pleasantly [...]

Renaissance Roofing is dedicated to historical roofing systems. Since 1992 our team has developed the systems and methodologies to restore your roof to perform for another century. To restore a historical roofing system back to its original condition you will need a company that is fully knowledgeable in the history of roofing installation and materials. This century old knowledge has been written and described in various mediums such as catalogs, brochures, flyers, poster and even books. To share this knowledge with you, Renaissance Roofing, Inc. has developed  a campaign to remember the past of historic roofing systems. Each week another century old brochure or catalog will be posted to show the past of our historic roofing systems across the United States. The first entry will be Peebles Ceramic Roofing Tile.

Peebles Ceramic Roofing TilePeebles Ceramic Roofing Tile, “Iridescent as the Rainbow” has been developed in response to a definite, [...]
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