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Affordable Clay Tile Roofing Contractor in St. Louis

A clay tile roof is among the most well-known forms of roof types employed currently for appears and low upkeep. When most clay tile roofs are discovered in warmer areas plus the tropics, clay tiles are appropriate for just about any climate. The history of clay tiles from time to time known as Mexican tiles dates back centuries and even though they may be appealing to appear at, they do call for some restricted upkeep. Clay tiles are produced applying clay and sand and are then fired inside a wood kiln, which tends to make them challenging and very sturdy for roofing. Lastly, the tiles are glazed using a specific material to help keep them intact and from cracking. No matter your strategy to keep the clay tile roof oneself or employ a professional, often make sure which you practice the proper security methods when functioning around the rooftop. Be sure to hire a professional clay tile roofing contractor in St. Louis to be certain they’ve credentials and are insured.

Clay Tile Roofing Contractor in St. Louis Maintenance Suggestions

Schedule an expert inspection with the roof every spring or fall. A certified roofing contractor knows exactly where to discover the cracks, chips, bruising, as well as other distortions brought on by rain, heat, wind, snow, and ice. Quickly replace any tiles which can be cracked or leaking.

Combat Roof Algae

Clay tiles are inclined to attract algae. A low-pressure energy washer in addition to a mild option of dish detergent and warm water will get rid of it, but never ever aim the spray straight in the tiles-water stress can crack them. A proper sealant will discourage the accumulation of algae, dirt, and mold around the roof.

Limit the Threat of Routine Debris

Also, to algae, clay tile roofing is as vulnerable as any other roof towards the all-natural accumulation of tree branches, leaves, grime, and other airborne debris. A lot of this rubble clogs gutters and backs up water that could leak by way of the roof and cascade from it, raising the possibility of repairs in and outdoors the property. At this point, a certified roofing contractor must be contacted for an evaluation.


Should you decide on to clean the tiles oneself, you will want to ask a pal or a person who can spot you in the ground level. Clay tiles can get slippery when wet, as a result, you might fall for anyone who is energy washing. When you are not a professional within this course of action, you may wish to take into consideration hiring an expert roofer to tackle the energy washing.

Clay tile roofing contractor in St. Louis are specialists inside the upkeep, repair, and installation of all forms of roofing.

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