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Salvaged Clay Roof Tiles, Used Tiles or Reclaimed Roof Tiles

Salvaged Ludowici Roof Tile in River Forest (Chicago) ILAs a company, Renaissance Roofing Inc. has been restoring historical roofing systems since, 1992; our family has been in the historical roofing market since the mid 1970’s. So for nearly 40 years, we have been utilizing both new and salvaged clay roof tiles. We have found that salvaged clay roof tiles work best in restorations for many reasons:

– Salvaged  clay roof tiles tie in with older roofing systems better because they are from the same era and produced using the same equipment and material formulations that the original roof utilized.

– Salvaged clay roof tiles have proven to be more cost effective because new tiles manufactured to match old roofing systems cost more than salvaged tiles.

– Salvaged clay roof tiles have stood the test of time and after decades of service show no visible signs of wear or deterioration.

– Salvaged clay roof tiles have a natural patina that provides for a closer visual appearance to the original roof.

– Salvaged clay roof tiles, when available, can be shipped immediately, eliminating waiting for them to be manufactured.

Although  the salvaged clay roof tiles come with no manufacturer backed warranty, they do provide a performance history that is tested and proven in the real world. Our experience has shown that salvaged clay tiles are an economic, environmental and esthetically proven alternative to new tiles.

If you are looking to repair or restore your tile roof by a qualified contractor, or are looking for used tile to repair or restore your tile roof, we can help! We have used tiles in stock from:

– Ludowici – Celadon (Chicago, New Lexington)

Salvaged Clay Roof Tiles Stored in Belvidere (Chicago)

– Miflin Hood (Daisy Tennessee)

– Heinz (Denver Colorado)

– National Tile (Lima Ohio)

– Mineral Wells (Texas)

– Mound City Tile (St. Louis)

– Detroit Tile (Michigan)

– Gladding McBean (California)

– MCA (California)

– Des Moines Tile (Iowa) – yes they made clay roof tiles in Iowa!

Should you need any further information on salvaged clay roof tiles please do not hesitate to contact me at 1-800-699-5695.

Thank you for the opportunity to service your project. In the future look for us to discuss tile roof costs, and why it is the best long-term roofing solution for the cost or investment.

We are Hiring Historical Roof Installers! Renaissance Roofing Inc.

Renaissance Employment opportunities

We are looking to hire qualified roofing team members for slate roofing jobs and tile roof jobs. If you are a slate roofer or a tile roofer, we have jobs in the Chicago Illinois, Milwaukee Wisconsin and St. Louis Missouri areas. We also restore and repair tile roofs and slate roofs in Iowa and Nebraska on a regular basis. If you have slate roofing, tile roofing, copper roofing experience and are looking for a better employment, we have a need for motivated, hard working team members and are hiring for large upcoming projects. We are looking for roofing foreman, roofing installers and roofing laborers. Your pay is based upon work ethic, performance and leadership abilities. We have a performance based pay incentive program for all installers.

So if you have experience or are looking to start a career path, we have roofing job opportunities for you. We are also willing to train new people in a highly skilled trade.

Renaissance Roofing Inc. was established in 1992 and has been expanding ever since. We provide full-time, year-round employment. We also offer health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, holiday pay and a 401k program to full time employees.

All applicants regardless of experience must have the following:

-Have a Valid Driver’s License

-Pass a drug screening

-Pass a Background Check

-Willing to work hard

-Willing to learn time-tested application techniques

We also perform the following work on a regular basis, so if you are skilled in these or want to learn the proper techniques, you should apply:

-Architectural Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation

-Historical Carpentry work. (Crown, Soffits, Cornice, Frieze, Structural)

-Historical Masonry Work. (Tuck pointing and rebuilding)

If you are looking for rewarding work in the construction trades, we have the opportunities. Please email is your resume at DKLAUS@RENROOF.COM or call 815-547-1725 to speak with Human Resources.

For more information concerning our company, check us out at www.claytileroof.com 

St. Louis, Missouri Hail Damage Report

The St. Louis metropolitan area has been hammered April 28 Hail Storm by  2 large hail storms, one on May 25, 2011 and more recently on April 28, 2012. These hail storms have damaged many slate roofs in areas like University City, Compton Heights, Carandolet, Pasadena Hills, Lake Forest, the Central West End, Clayton, Tower Grove, Holly Hills, and the Bel-Nor/Normandy areas. If you live in or near these areas, chances are your natural slate roof was damaged by hail.

Many slate roofs in St. Louis were installed during the late 1800’sSlate Quarries East Coast and early 1900’s with slates from all over the East Coast. Most slates come from two regions; slate from an area north of Albany NY are commonly known as Vermont Slates. These slates are typically higher quality S-1 slate with a life expectancy of 100 years or more. Green Slate, Purple Slate, Red Slate, Gray Slate, Black Slate, and Tan Slate or Brown Slates come from this area of New York- Vermont slate line and have been quarried since the late 1800’s. (We will discuss unfading versus semi- weathering slate in future blogs)

Another popular slate form the early 1900’s is slate from Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania slate is quarried in a area north of Philadelphia in and around Bangor Pennsylvania; hence the name “Pennsylvania Bangor.” This slate is of lower S-2 quality and has a life expectancy of 80-100 years. Pennsylvania slate is typically severely damaged by hail stones, especially slate that has been on a roof for 100 years. Pennsylvania slate starts out as a clear black slate, but with exposure to the sunlight it deteriorates and develops a horseshoe shaped watermark on each individual slate. It is a factor of sunlight, thus slates on the southern exposures are more severely weathered than those on northern exposures.

There are less popular slates from other areas found in the St. Louis area Monson Maine (an unfading black slate) that is no longer quarried for roofing slate but can still be ordered for countertops and sinks. Peach Bottom from Pennsylvania (an unfading black slate) that has not been quarried since the early 1900’s is a very hard, dense stone. Buckingham slate from Buckingham county Virginia is a slate still quarried today and is revered for its unfading black color and is believed to be a +200 year life expectancy.

These last 3 slates are very hard, dense slates that are not typically damaged by hail. However, copper flashings and copper gutters are damaged by hail and are typically covered by homeowners insurance. If you believe your copper was hit by hail, chances are it was damaged.

Knowing the type of slate you have is of particular value when dealing with complete slate roof replacement due to hail damage. Insurance policy coverage, hail damage levels, contractor knowledge and skills, insurance adjusters and numerous other factors all determine the replacement costs of your slate roof. If  you would like to receive a copy of

9 Common Problems Encountered During Insurance Claims for Historical Roofing Systems

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Please fill out our basic information about your roof and we will e-mail you a free copy. This guide will help you navigate the complexities of settling your claim for hail damage to your slate roof in St. Louis.

We have been providing innovative roofing solutions to the historical roofing markets in the St. Louis community since 2005 and have been in business since 1992.